Freakling Brothers Horror Shows- Trilogy of Terror ($15 admission ticket) THE COVEN OF 13---Sept. 28th-Oct.31st, 2018!

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Valid for admission to "The Coven of 13" presented by Freakling Bros. @ 4245 S. GRAND CANYON DRIVE LAS VEGAS, NV 89147 (I-215 AT WEST FLAMINGO INSIDE TARGET SHOPPING CENTER)

In the thick darkness of the witching hour, as night becomes early morning, when most of us are fast sleep, a pack of cloaked, ageless figures gathers and chants. If you listen closely in the night, you will hear them. They speak slowly, softly, deliberately, and with insidious intention.

Their physical bodies are diseased, decrepit, and rotten, but when the Old Hag summons the Dark Spirit, and the High Priest channels the ferocity of its essence, they are empowered, and they are fierce. These are the Dark Witches of 13, born of sepsis and poison: you have been invited to make their coven complete. They call to you and welcome you in, to be vetted, initiated, and even reborn as one of them. Do you dare try to make the cut?

Freakling Bros. presents The Coven of 13 –  an ALL NEW HORROR SHOW that pushes the boundaries of complete and total immersion while offering a unique, company-trademark take on one of Halloween’s oldest and most classic themes: Witches, Warlocks, and Black Magic: 362-FEARt

You’ve heard about it…now you can experience THE NEWEST creation of Freakling Bros. in person. COV-EN: A group or gathering of witches who meet regularly. Especially 13.