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Zagat Rated for a reason! This is the original Las Vegas Brazilan Steak House.

Enjoy $50 worth of dining for only $25 at your price of $6!
Enjoy $100 worth of dining for only $50 at your price of $13!

Enjoy $200 worth of dining for only $100 at your price of $27!

Great food and lots of it, chiseled off table side!

What do you get when you cross a buffet with a steakhouse? As much meat as anybody could possibly want with a meal.

If you're not familiar with Brazilian grill/rodizio/churrascaria, here's how it works: Servers bearing Zorro-proportioned skewers (those would be the "rodizio" part of it; the skewers go into the rotisserie for cooking and are removed for serving) bring the meats -- primarily beef, naturally, but others as well -- to the table, where the server and the customer work together to get it from the skewer to the plate. At Pampas, the server begins to cut the meat from the skewer and tells the customer when to grab it with the little pair of tongs that's part of each place setting.

And so, you eat. And wait for the next skewer-bearing server to come by. And the next and the next and the next until you've eaten your fill. There are, after all, a lot of meat-eaters in this town and among its tourists, and Pampas does meat right.

<i>Reviewed by LVRJ.</i>

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